Wednesday, September 17, 2008

took me a while to figure out how to even read the blog... and much longer to figure out how to post... why didn't i just read the email jess sent.... now i see that there were directions in the email... jess don't we live in the same house still? you gotta help me out girl.

well hello my sweet family. i love you all so much.

i'm working at the coffee shop... in shelby. i work M-F 7-4.... which means i go to bed early and get up early!! me and brent work the morning shift together and we really make a great team and have fun together... but i must admit that when people come in and order a cinnamon roll and a venti mocha, as i swipe their card i wonder if they have a lot of money and have 7 dollars to spend on coffee every day ($35/week, $1800/year) or if i'm sending them deeper and deeper into debt... anyways, food for thought. oh well, they get their drink, and i keep my job. that's how the economy works.

i'm adjusting to this new life here. it has been a hard but good transition...

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