Monday, September 22, 2008

High School PE so I thought

So I called Friday the subbing hotline, afternoon after my Crest Middle Health classes were over, and what would you know...High School PE! 11-3 Monday-Wednesday. So here I sit in the weight room at Kings Mt HS. WOW, so I get here at 10:50 and they tell me I dont have to be here until 1, well, then they realize I have a class at 11:08. What class you might ask, HIGH SCHOOL MEN'S WEIGHTLIFTING! I only have two classes and they are both HSMWL. WOW! I am on my first break, did I really need one, not really, but Hey, I am getting paid! Yes, this is just rambling, but the real stories will come later this afternoon. I've got a great story friends, from last Thursday. I didnt actually work for a school that day, I was just home cleaning and chatting with KT. I dont have time to type the whole story now, but it will come when the time comes. I miss you all and am truly less with out you. I am joyful and sad all in the same moments somedays without you, adjusting to life after CDH, well I need time! Okay so I am going to go now before I cry. I dont know if I can blog everyday because it brings so many emotions every time. Sometimes I hate emotions! Anyways, I love all of you and may be able to share my amazing story from last week and will most likely have more stories after my last class today. LOVE YOU ALL, MOM!

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