Tuesday, September 30, 2008

school's a jerk lately...

Hey family.

I've really been struggling the past two weeks with understanding my classes and how to get back into the college mode. Life has been so good here since returning, like I mentioned in the e-mail, I am definitely encouraged daily by my housemates and many new friends I am getting to know, but classes are frustrating. They aren't hard as much as they are perplexing. It isn't the coursework as much as it is the professors... I honestly don't know how I managed to have a batch of cynical, perverted, unsympathetic professors, but such is the reality right now.

I really need prayer for endurance and having a joyful heart in a few of my classes. I've already gotten a C and a very low B in my two classes that only give us three total grades. Needless to say, I'll have to be working really hard to pull those two back up into the A range (and yeah, at FSU we get less credit for A- than we do A's...)

I want to maintain my high GPA to be able to get into a grad school of my choice, as my Masters is really all that matters in the Social Work field. I guess I've been feeling overwhelmed and confused as to why I'm getting such "terrible" (in my mind) grades this year.

Please pray for peace and the ability to understand how to turn these grades around and also how to love the "unlovable" teachers.

Thanks, family.

Love you!

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