Thursday, November 20, 2008

A-travelin' and a-wanderin'...

I wanted to let you guys know the dates/times I'll be in Boiling Springs next week! And, since I know how often we all update this blog... this is obviously the most effective way to inform you all. ;)

I will be driving up to Greenville on Tuesday after my class lets out. I'll stay the night with my friend Carolyn Heaps. Wednesday morning I will arrive in Boiling Springs late morning, probably between 10 and 11am.

I will be staying with Jeff & Britt while I'm there, which will be Wed - Friday night. On Saturday, I'll go back down to Greenville for a night of downtown fun with Carolyn and our friend Chris, who I will have off dropped off with her thatTuesday night. You are ALL welcome to come and drink coffee and hang out and laugh with us in Greenville that night (Saturday), especially if I didn't get to see you while in BS, or you're living there (... Robbie!).

Love you and hopefully see you soon!!