Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a bigger picture than you think...

My CDH family I miss living life with you. Living here in Boiling Springs without all of you has been quit an adjustment. It's been hard. Hard not having a big family to come home to that is so loving, supportive and encouraging. Hard not having the scheduled family dinners together and many other random things that I miss. However, it has been really fun to learn how to be in this community outside of CDH. Starting new in a place that is now familiar. Anyways, I love living in South Glenn it is a great neighborhood and cool to continue to be apart of an intentional community. I just got a job at BCBG (a designer clothing store) which I am so grateful for, other job ideas didn't work out. It has been a trying time though to try to find a job. As some as you know I am going to India in December and Israel in the spring so I needed to find a job that was flexible. This is something that I wrote in the waiting and transitioning time the last month. 

It's a bigger picture than you think

"It is a bigger picture than you think
It is a bigger plan, purpose, story.
Your life effects more than just yourself.
You are interconnected like it or not.

Don't loose faith in the One who gave you the purpose.
The One who awaken desires.
The One who is showing you who to become.

My life is not my own.
Show me where to go, what to do.
Take these emotions of doubt, anger, and sadness.
Restore vision, purpose, what is important.
Please give me opportunity, use me, help me to chase after you and not the purpose.

Help me to have kingdom eyes.
Kingdom that is here.

"We are a broken people who need each other and God, for we have come to recognize the mess that we have created of our world and how deeply we suffer from that mess. Now we are working together to give birth to a new society within the shell of the old. Another world is necessary, Another world is already here."
- Shane Clairborne, Jubilee Declaration

What is the bigger picture for me?"

Be encouraged, I love you all so much!

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Community of 10 said...

FROM: Kaitlyn

Jess, you are beautiful. I am thankful that you got your new job, too! I can't wait to hear stories about India and Israel... and I am glad that you're able to work and save with the flexibility you needed. My only question now is this... Why not Starbucks? haha

Tanks for the initiative. Tanks a lot. You musta learnt it on da intanet.