Friday, September 19, 2008

Leave it to Jeff and Britt...

So here I am (Robbie)  After literally twenty minutes of typing no...Jgreercommunityof10  Jgreer 11  at community of 10... closer.    But I think I finally hacked into this blog. Then I start reading the blogs, wouldn't you know Jeff and Britt BOTH swearing in there blogs!  Those dirty mouths must run in the family.

  So I am obviously chillin up in my loft in g-vegas, it gets pretty lonely going from 10 to 1.  But thats what blogs are for right?? Things are going good at FPC alot of changes, we renamed the youth group  "The Umbrella" and yes jeff we played Ciara Under My Umbrella.  Things are great but I certainly miss each of you!  Great idea Jess with the blog.

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Kaitlyn Rose said...

Explain the reasoning behind "The Umbrella," please. :D