Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm apparently a blogger now

Hi, family. I love all of you. Thank you, Jess for making me what I always thought I would never be... a blogger :-)

I don't have too much to update you guys on. Today, after a month of job hunting, I GOT A JOB. Yes, Gentlemen and Ladies. Yes. God is Good. Ewing, Blackwelder, and Duce, Insurance Company hired me to be a Receptionist. I will be working full-time, 8am-5pm, with health and life insurance, and retirement. I have a real effing job!!! I don't even know how a 401k works, but my new employers match what I put into it up to 3% of my salary. What does that mean? It means I'm officially an adult.

I love all of you. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for writing on the blog so that we can all keep up with each other!


Kaitlyn Rose said...

I am so thankful for your job, Katie. Patience, patience... oh so good, and I know you learned from the waiting period.

Oh and if you're ever wondering about 401k's, you can ask Ryan's friend Dan. The dude that lived in our house for a few days with the beard. Remember him? He explained the 401k to me for over an hour after I rolled out of bed one morning. haha!

Community of 10 said...

Dan! Ha, that was such a funny morning. You really acted like you were interested in what he was saying. You are such a good listener and he is such a good talker that it was a long conversation... er, monologue. :) I love that guy and miss all of you!