Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quotes to share with you to remind you how great this town is!

So Jess, Jeff and I are sitting here in the coffee shop here in the rainy town of Boiling Springs. Jess wrote her first blog, Jeff wrote his first blog and now I am writing my first blog. So after Jess and Jeff wrote their first blogs we all high-fived in a circle! To create a visual for all of you! I love you guys and I love my husband and how funny he really is. I just wanted to remind all of you well, mostly Kaitlyn," I wont me a damn eagles egg." I just wanted to write that to remind Kaitlyn of a memory we had together so she could write about it in her next story. I also wanted to share with you a quote from a students shirt at Burns Middle last week. "We aint no DAGGUM water-girls." Amazing... I love and miss you all so much. Oh, and I am pumped about this blog! Thanks Jess for bringing us all together again!~Britt

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Community of 10 said...

FROM: Kaitlyn

Britt, lately I've been thinking about our final month in CDH together (well, months really, if you count the weeks prior to camp... quite a little break in there) and I realize how close we grew together in those final moments. I am so, so thankful for the richness of friendship and love we've attained, and am especially glad for the sisterhood the five of us share.

I love you. (And, you crack me up always.)