Sunday, September 21, 2008

A little post from the blogging "professional"... only, not really.

Hey family! It's Kaitlyn.

I bet you were all were thinking that I was only capable of commenting, so I decided to show you that I really can post, too. Just takes me awhile...

Life in Tallahassee is good. I know that I've shared sweet moments with a few of you, but I wanted to let you know about the experiences and opportunities the Lord had waiting for me back here in FSU college-life.

I live with five others girls, all believers and all striving to live in community with the rest of us. I think that it's interesting to begin to understand what "community" means to people outside of CDH or CR or even Boiling Springs; so many of the people that run in the "Christian circles" in Tally say that they want to live "communally" or "have community" in their homes and friendships, but I find myself DAILY remembering what "community" looks like as it fleshes itself out. It isn't glamorous! We all know that, we've dissected it and proved it to be found in the seemingly insignificant moments of service for, loving deeply, and belonging to others. You want to know how many dirty dishes I wash everyday...? hah, you really don't! But praise the Lord, that so far I am able to do them joyfully and without trying to think about WHO left WHAT in the frigid, greasy, shallow-water-filled sink. Yuck.

This semester I am taking three social work classes, an advertising class, and an advanced writing workshop. My patience is tested in the first three, my teacher's a complete perv. in my ADV course, and my writing class is most definitely a gift for my present and future.

I am a news writer for the FSView & Florida Flambeau (we just call it the FSView), our independent student-run paper at Florida State. I am assigned two articles a week, and am paid minimally, but it's an incredible portfolio builder, networking agent, and it offers me TONS of experience and advice. I am learning so much about writing and really being able to hear and receive critique in my writing this semester. And, I love it! So far I've covered two events, and written a preview. The last event I covered, I had a name badge printed and waiting for me, and I met a Nobel Award Winner that night and got to interview him briefly after his lecture. Exciting!

My new church is called Crossbridge and I feel at home already. I attend a weekly "community group" (nice name, eh?) on Wednesday nights where I am the youngest member! I've made a lot of older/married friends here already through Crossbridge, and I can't wait to begin serving in a specific area with them as well.

Tons of excitement with lots of typical college happenings. I've eaten TCBY and been on coffee dates more than I can count. But, I'm remembering discipline and that waking up every morning before the sun rises is good for me.

I love you! You still encourage me every single day.

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